Computer Science and Engineering is a field which deals with all kind of science involved in computer and it is like analysis of programming language and algorithm. Computer science also has roots in electrical engineering, linguistics and mathematics. This field is now a separate engineering field. If you have an interest in developing software and computer engineering, then
this field is perfect for you. Computer science engineers design and develop different software applications for different industries and sell them. They also manage the hardware, software and network department in different industries. Computer science engineers also design and develop different computer concepts to bring innovation in technology. This engineering field covers software development, hardware engineering, system designer, system analyst, networking engineering. These are the fields that fall in computer science engineering. You must have problem-solving skills if you wish to study in this field. Computer engineers design different programs which use to operate a computer and these programs are the set of instructions. There is
a difference between computer engineering and software engineering but computer science and engineering cover these both fields. Computer science deals with the developing a software and computer engineering deals with the developing better computers and its component.