Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the construction, design and maintenance of the environment. As the name defines, it is a constructional engineering that includes public works like roads, bridges, dams, pipelines, airports, and canals, etc. Civil engineers work on infrastructural projects and also design, operate and construct these projects. Civil engineering is a good degree in which you learn to design, construct and maintain the whole constructional process. We see many tall and beautiful buildings, and the brain behind these structures are from the civil engineers. Civil Engineering covers the special practice of developing and designing the
infrastructure projects and these projects can be on a large scale such as developing and designing the Dam or water supply network etc. Structuring the buildings and roads also fall in the premises of civil engineering. If you have an interest in developing infrastructural projects and other designing, then this civil engineering is the perfect option for your future. This engineering field also covers a major part of science. Your designing skills must be good in this field and also have experience in CAD (computer-aided design). In this field you will be taught practically in labs and theoretically in classes and you will be able to get all the knowledge of civil engineering.