Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the properties and principles of all the science subjects such as chemistry, physics, math, biology and economics. All the knowledge of these subjects use to produce and transform materials and energy. This is a very vast field and it is all about to use the raw materials and them into useful things. The course is based on 20% of chemistry and it is a hard and difficult field for many students. Chemical engineering is also known as universal engineering because it covers all the major subjects of science and the student who study chemical engineering will get the knowledge of all science subjects. This field
also concerns with managing resources, safety and health and environmental protection. This engineering helps you to convert one thing into another different thing. Chemical engineering is undoubtedly a good degree for you if you love all the science subjects. It also covers many areas of technology. If you like chemistry and want to specialize in chemistry, then this engineering
field is not for you because this field uses 20% of chemistry and the other 80% are different science subjects such as physics, math, and economy etc.