Aptitude is like an ability to learn something very quickly and if aptitude is at an amazing level then we also consider it as Talent.

It is a level that defines the learning ability of a person such as if a person is great in math beyond his grade level then we will say that the aptitude of this person is very high in math.

It helps you to get success in different specific tasks. Aptitude can be in many forms and there are many types of aptitude such as Linguistic aptitude, Stem aptitude, Artistic aptitude, Mechanical aptitude, Physical aptitude, Organizational aptitude, Spatial aptitude, and Logical aptitude.

It does not mean that these are the only type of aptitude but there are also many types of aptitude. The Linguistic aptitude is an ability which helps you to learn different languages easily and without any problem.

STEM is a term which covers the different subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and this aptitude covers all the region of these fields and if you have this type of aptitude in you then you can solve every problem easily in the related fields.

All these types of aptitudes have functions defined by their names.